Common Errors In English :Part-2


As Carl Rogers says, 'The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.' I hope, you are educated and the only one person who knows how to learn. So, I have taken an interesting topic to you. It is, 'Common Errors In English.'

This topic will help you to write or speak properly. You will find the way to make a sentence in correct pattern.

Let's move on:

Errors in Preposition, Adverb, Conjunction and Tense.

1. Distribute the apples between all the boys.

- Distribute the apples among all the boys.

2. Distribute the apples among Jatin and Karim.

- Distribute the apples between Jatin and Karim.

3. Divide this amount among the two men.

- Divide this amount between the two men.

4. He is busy since Monday.

- He has been busy since Monday.

5. She has been doing the work for Monday.

- She has been doing the work since Monday.

6. He has been reading since two hours.

- He has been reading for two hours.

7. Shyam will start the work from Tuesday next.

- Shyam will start the work on Tuesday next.

8. We shall reach there since evening to-day.

- We shall reach there by evening to-day.

9. Ram will be free at June.

- Ram will be free in June.

10. We live at Mumbai.

- We live in Mumbai.

11. He reads now.

- He is reading now.

12. We know to swim.

- We know how to swim.

13. The cat fell in the well.

- The cat fell into the well.

14. She have a pen.

- She has a pen.

15. He has been doing the work since six months.

- She has been doing the work for six months.

16. The milk is into the jug.

- The milk is in the jug.

17. There is a little rice at the tin.

- There is a little rice in the tin.

18. The boy cried in the top of his voice.

- The boy cried at the top of his voice.

19. He is sitting upon a sofa.

- He is sitting on a sofa.

20. The officer is sitting on the table.

- The officer is sitting at the table.

21. The tiger sprang on the deer.

- The tiger sprang at the deer.

22. We came tomorrow.

- We shall come tomorrow.

23. I shall finish the work before three days.

- I shall finish the work within three days.

24. I shall finish the work by Monday next.

- I shall have finished the work by Monday.

25. We bought the car at 7 lakhs.

- We bought the car for 7 lakhs.

26. I bought a pen in Rs.200.

- I bought a pen for Rs. 200.

27. The rice sells by Rs 50 a kg.

- The rice sells at Rs 50 a kg.

28. I warned her about the danger.

- I warned her of the danger.

29. We went back to home.

- We went back home.

30. He came here on 2000.

- He came here in 2000.

31. What is the time on your watch?

- What is the time by your watch?

33. He is angry on me.

- He is a angry with me.

34. Gill is angry on my failure.

- Gill is angry at my failure.

35. She is angry with my father's behaviour.

- She is angry at my father's behaviour.

36. My daughter married with him.

- My daughter married to him.

37. She married with Ram.

- She married to Ram.

38. We come here in train.

- We come here by train.

39. He came to school in bus.

- He came to school by bus.

40. We accused him with murder.

- We accused him of murder.

41. He reached at the station.

- He reached the station.(correction in preposition)

Or, He arrived at the station.( correction in Verb)

42. You must reach school before 10 a.m.

- You must reach school by 10 a.m.

43. We must return till tomorrow.

- We must return by tomorrow.

44. He was appointed as a teacher.

- He was appointed a teacher.

45. Ram was appointed as a clerk.

- Ram was appointed a clerk.

46. This book is different than that.

- This book is different from that.

47. This book is superior than that.

- This book is superior to that.

48. I prefer coffee than tea.

- I prefer coffee to tea.

49. He is junior than my father.

- He is junior to my father.

50. He is senior than my daughter.

- He is senior to my father.

51. He died from fever.

- He died of fever.

52. He died at an accident.

- He died in an accident.

53. He repented for his fault.

- He repented of his fault.

54. It is too hot today.

- It is very hot today.

55. He is very weak to walk.

- He is too weak to walk.

56. He is so weak and he can't walk.

- He is so weak that he can't walk.

57. The book I read is much interesting.

- The book I read is very interesting.

58. Mathematics is a much difficult subject for me.

- Mathematics is a very difficult subject for me.

59. He is very obliged to his father.

- He is much obliged to his father.

60. The students left the classroom one after one.

- The students left the classroom one by one.

61. It is very hotter than yesterday.

- It is much hotter than yesterday.

62. He has arrived yesterday.

- He arrived yesterday.

63. He arrived just now.

- He has arrived just now.

64. He reached tomorrow.

- He will reach tomorrow.

65. Do you know to drive?

- Do you know how to drive?

66.The box is too much heavy.

- The box is much too heavy.

67. You should know that rest is quite necessary for health.

- You should know that rest is very necessary for health.

68. I am very satisfied with your work.

- I am quite satisfied with your work.

69. You said that you were much tired.

- You said that you were very tired.

70. He is somewhat tall for his age.

- He is rather tall for his age.

71. When he came, then I started to do the work.

- When he came, I started to do the work.

72. If you study regularly, then you will pass the exam.

- If you study, you will pass the exam.

73. As he is ill, so he can't walk.

- As he is ill, he can't walk.

74. Though he is rich,but he doesn't want to support me.

- Though he is rich, yet he doesn't  want to support


75. Ten years passed since I met you.

- Ten years have passed since I met you.

76. It is a week since since it rained.

- It has been a week since it rained.

77. Unless you don't know this, you will fail.

- Unless you know, you will fail.

78. He asked me that why I was crying.

- He asked me why I was crying.

79. He asked me why was I crying.

- He asked me why I was crying.

80. Why you were crying?

- Why were you crying?

An Ultimate Solution:

1.     Make 200 sentences within 7 days using the above cited patterns which are   

    in the answers.

2. Use them while speaking and talking.

    This is about Common Errors In English.

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