Been or Gone?

It's about Been vs Gone.

 Hi, friends.

Greenery, greenary, greenary.

Greenery is all around you. How do you feel? It is a green signal for you. If something indicates you a green signal, the auspicious moments welcome you. Isn't it? On this day, it is an interesting topic which will give you:

1. Been vs Gone.

2. The difference between Been and Gone.

3. The use of Been and Gone.

What are the other reasons you want to learn this topic? Because,

1. Sentence pattern will be correct.

2. It will help you to make Everyday Spoken English Sentences as well.

 Let's get started:

Been or Gone? It's simple.

First, you have to know the Difference between Been and Gone.

It is:

Been - it means 'to go and return.'

Let's see:

1. He has been to Mumbai.

    (It means, he has gone to Mumbai and returned from the place.)

2. We have been to London.

3. Have you ever been to America?

4. Have you been to Delhi?

5. They have been to Delhi.

But, Gone means?

It is also simple.

Been or Gone?-don't worry about it.

Well, Gone means - 'to go but not return'

Let's see:


1. He has gone to school.

    (It means, he has gone to school, but not returned.)

2. She has gone to Delhi.

3. Shyam has gone to college.

4. Ram has gone there.

5. Has he gone there?

An Ultimate Solution:

1. He has been there.

    (It means, he has gone there and returned.)

2. He had gone there.

    (It means, he has gone there but not returned.)

Be Clear:

1. Make 10 sentences showing the Difference between Been and Gone.

2. Use them while speaking.


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