Be Accustomed To Spoken English: An Ultimate Solution

The Strongest Way of Spoken English

Hi, friends.

Man can do everything? Yes, he can.

As Johann Wolfgang Von George says, 'Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.'

To-day, I am going to show you such a way that will enable you to improve English Speaking Skills.

But, how to improve English Speaking Skills?

Let's start:

An Ultimate Solution for the non - native speakers:

Let's come to the point,

Be Accustomed to Spoken English.

Accustomed means what?

You are familiar with something,

You often use or practice,

You can adapt to existing condition and

Something becomes typical for you.

It is accustomed.

How will you become accustomed to Spoken English?

Let's move on:

It is,

1. being familiar with Spoken English.

2. Using or practicing often.

3. Adapting yourself to Spoken English.

4. Making it typical for you.

5. Being experienced.

6. Being natural to it.

7. Dealing with it in full swing.

8. Being able to see it in a better way.

9. Being in the habit of communicating.

10. Becoming familiar with a new way of doing.


There are the ways among which you can find the answer of -

How to improve English Speaking Skills?

As I am your well-wisher, I recommend you to follow the 9th way. It is , Being in the habit of communicating.

But, how?

Let's move on:

If you immerse in communication, it will be an effective interaction to have Fluency which we cannot deny.

How will you start to communicate or interact?

1. Face to Face:

But, how?

It is-1. Through greetings.

1st day, Good morning.

2nd day, adding one sentence--How are you?

3rd day, adding one more - What's your job?


Take a strong resolution to speak new sentences in every conversation.

2. Talking about Hobby.

1st day, ask- What's your hobby? Then, listen to the answer.

Your friend will ask you the same question. He may not ask you a out your hobby. It doesn't matter. Your aim is to speak English. So, tell about your hobby using sentence pattern he used. Only change the hobby, because your hobby is different.

3. Talking about the weather.

You can use these sentences:

    (As a beginner)

     1. Lovely day.

     2. it’s a bit nippy this morning.

     3. it’s a perfect day to walk for us.

     4. The sky is clear and beautiful.

     5. The weather cools down.

Help Box:

1. As a beginner, speak slowly, because your brain will have sufficient time to make the sentences.

2. Be confident and positive as well.

This is about Be Accustomed To Spoken English.

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