A Part of Spoken English Talking About Your Daily Routine

Hi friends.

Do you want to be Fluent in English? Sure, you do. It is a strong part of Spoken English which will show you the easiest way to talk about Daily Working.

Let's move on:


Jane - You're working at blogging, right?

Jack - Yeah, that's right. I’ve been doing it for 7 months now.

Jane - That must be nice. It’s comfortable that you are working from home.

Jack - Obviously, it’s comfortable for everyone. It’s flexible as well. But, I stick to a schedule.

Jane - So, what's your working daily like?

Jack - I like to get an early start. So, I get up at 6, may be I take a long walk and work from 8 to 12. Then, I take a lunch break.

Jane - Then, how do you start?

Jack - Then, I do for another three hours. I finish at 8.

Jane - That's quite a long finish.

Jack- Yeah, it suits me.


You can ask these questions as an easy way:

1. What do you do in the morning and evening?

2. What time do you start and finish?

3. Do you often work long hours?

4. Do take any break during the day?

Your friend can answer in different ways.

An easy way:

1. I get up at 5 and take exercise. Then I take breakfast and read a newspaper.

    In the evening, I go for a walk. Then I set to work.

2. I start work at 8 and finish at 6.

3. I am a blogger, so I work different hours every day.

4. I often have to stay late at work.

It's about Talking about Your Daily Routine which is a part of Spoken English.

Ultimate Solution:

1. Listen to conversation per day.

2. Use the sentences while talking which you learn from conversation.

Thank you very much for being a valuable reader of our website.