3 Basic Styles of Communication

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To-day, I have taken 3 Basic Styles of Communication which will make your communication more effective.

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First of all, what is Communication?

What is the Definition of Communication?

It is, Communication is a two-way interaction where two parties co-operate and coordinate with each other in striking a meaningful conversation.


The word 'communication' has been derived from the Latin word 'communis' which means common.

 Now, come to the point.

Styles of Communication:

1. Aggressive

2. Passive

3. Assertive

Aggressive Style:

In this style, one always stands up for one's rights being superior.

In Aggressive Communication, the communicators show the impression of being superior in attitude, domineering and self-respect. It occurs they ignore the needs, opinions, feelings and beliefs of others; only they express their own. Sometimes, they use their loud voice while communicating.

Passive Style:

In this style, the communicator put others’ rights before him and reduces his self-respect. They always show their inferiority to others. Such communicators create a negative impression on others by their Non-Verbal Communication. Their downcast eyes, stooping postures excessive nodding of heads indicate the lack of motivation.

The aims of the communicators of Passive Style show their behavior to avoid conflict and to please others.

Assertive Style:

In this style, the communicators stand up for one's rights while having respect for others' rights. Such communicators deal with people on equal terms. Talking straight, looking directly, always at ease with others, relaxed and smooth body movements are the strong characters of the communicators of the Assertive Style.

Amongst these 3 styles, the Assertive Style is regarded as the best style of communication. They are loved by all.

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