15 Smart Everyday English Sentences

Hi, friends.

Do you like to communicate effectively? Yes, you do.

Do you want your words to have a great impact? Yes,you do.

But, how? It is by dint of your ability to speak smartly. In other words, you have to speak Smart Everyday English Sentences. You should know Smart Sentences for Daily Use in English Conversation.

This topic will give you:

1. The easiest way to use the Sentences for Daily Conversation Use.

2. Smart English Phrases.

3. Smart and Short English Sentences.

 Let's move on:

 The simple sentences:

1. Could you do me a favour? (While seeking a help)

2. Could you give me a hand with these suitcases?(seeking help)

    (to give a hand means, to assist or help)

3. Can you tell me what time we have to go for the party?

4. Have you done homework yet?

5. What's up?

These are the simple but Smart Everyday Sentences.

Now, smartly!

Yes, let’s see:

1.   Can you tell me, if the salary has been transferred?

2.   Well, speaking of the party, I don't think I would be able to join.

3.   Can you tell me when we would meet again for the discussion?

4.   It is nice to bump into you.

5.   Speak of the devil.(it is used while you talk about someone and he/she appears at that    

       Moment unexpectedly)

6.    Right! I need to make a move.(while leaving a conversation)

7.    I'm a bit pressed for time.(while leaving a conversation)

8.    I'd love to carry this on at another time.(for a further contact)

9.    How is everything going?(while catching up with someone)

10. What have you been upto? (while catching up with someone)

Friends, these are the Smart Sentences for Daily Conversation Use.

Smart English Sentences will help you to communicate effectively.

So, practice as possible.


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