The Gerund


Hello, friends.

Do you know how much power or impact your words have?It is more and more.As I am your well-wisher,I am always with you to enrich your words.So,on this fine day,I have taken an interesting topic to you.It is THE GERUND.In this topic,you will find-

1.What is Gerund?

2.The definition of Gerund.

Let's move on,

First of all, what is Gerund? or What is the definition of Gerund?

It is very easy.

Gerund is a Noun that is made from a Verb by adding 'ing'.

Let's see:


In these,swim,sit,play and run are Verbs to which 'ing' is added.


1.Gerund is used at the beginning of a sentence.

2. It is used at the end of a sentence as well.

Let's see:

At the beginning:

  1. Swimming is a good exercise.

  2. Taking a long walk in the morning is a good habit.

  3. Playing football will give you a hard constitution.

  4. Trying hard to be successful will be your turning point.

  5. Watching T.V for a long time is harmful for your eyes.

Pay attention to the Gerund Verb in these sentences.

These sentences will help you to clear in Gerund.

Now, Gerund at the end of a sentence:

Let's see:

  1. I like his swimming.

     2. He likes my writing.

     3. Stop writing.

     4. He does not like singing.

     5.They praised my playing.

A Solution:

  1. Make 5 sentences every day.

  2. .Use them while speaking.

  3. Use them while writing.

  4. Pay attention to Gerund while listening.

  5. Try to be fluent in English through Gerund.

  6. Be clear in the definition of Gerund.

Friends,I hope you will read this article and practise.

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