Report Writing in English
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On this fine day, I have taken an interesting topic for you. It is basically for the purpose of giving to the students. The topic is- Report Writing In English. In this topic, you will find very important things. They are-

1. how to write a report in English.
2. format for report writing in English.
3. examples of report writing.

You will be happy that a Help Box is given in this article by which you will be very clear in it.

Let's discuss :
First of all,
What is a Report Writing?
A Report Writing is a formal style or tone of writing with  careful and orderly parts or details. It is a manner in which an incident or a happening taking place is served to the public or readers in a newspaper.

Vital Points:

1. Report Writing is a truthful account of a definite event supplied by  a reporter for the readers or for the knowledge of them.

2. So, the imaginary facts  or exaggerated things should not be included.

Do you feel that Report Writing is difficult? No, never. I am with you. Let's see the Help Box.

Help Box
What should you do before writing a Report Writing? Or, how to write a report?

1. Read the outlines carefully because, you have to have a clear idea of the report.
2. Remember that you should start with a straightway.
3. Without omitting any points of the outline, follow them according to the order.
4. Never forget to connect the points in a logical way.
5. Use a simple language which must be brief but clear.
6. Be serious that the sentences should not be disjointed.
7. Use Passive Voice in the sentences as possible.

Very Important:

1. Place and time of reporting must be mentioned.
2. A Heading must be written.

Now, are you curious about the format for report writing in English?
Yes, you are. It is-
Write a report in English.

Outline: Two pipelines blast at Amguri- 30th Sept.- 6-40 and -9-30 am- loss of crore rupees- investigation on

Ans: Title: Pipeline Blasts At Amguri
A Heavy Loss

Duliajan,Sept.30: To-day, two powerful blasts are triggered  at a crude oil pipeline in Amguri by suspected ULFA militants as it is suspected.However, the loss caused by the blasts has been estimated at almost ten crores. It raised a hue and cry. Nobody was killed or injured. The D.C. with the S.P. of the district have visited the site and taken stock of the situation.A huge gathering was which became agitated. It raised a furore all over. Investigation is on to nab the culprits.

Now, let's try to write a report on road accident in English.( As an example, not real)

A Terrible Road Accident
12 Killed,10 Injured

Guwahati, April 10: At least 12 people were killed and 10 others were injured to-day after a goods truck hit a divider in zoo road, police said.

'This evening, a goods truck carrying over 50 labourers met an accident on zoo road', a police official said. As he said, the labourers were coming back from work place to their homes.

The injured labourers were taken to GMCH and 10 of them are in critical condition. A huge crowd gathered informed police. Within 10 minutes, police arrived and registered the case. Investigation is underway.

As report suggests, the driver lost control over the truck and hit the divider.

The different examples of report writing in English :

(These are not real,just as examples)
1. St. Joseph's Senior Secondary School of Guwahati. A charity show was arranged in aid of the food victims. Write a report to be sent to the newspaper.

Ans: Charity Show in aid of Flood Victims

Guwahati, July 12: St. Joseph's Senior Secondary School,Guwahati, organised a charity show in the school auditorium with variegated cultural programmes in aid of the flood victims of the state. Eminent citizens and cultural activists of the city along with parents and guardians of the students were invited. The renowned Assamese actor,Jatin Bora, actresses, Prastuti Parasar and Barsharani Bishaya were also invited. The students of the school presented a variety entertainment programmes which was highly appraised by the gathering. The artiste , Zubeen Who was invited sang the song- Endhar Hobo Nuwaro as the first song which was very impressive. The other particularly impressive was the combined dance recital of the girls belonging to the ethnic groups of the sister states of North- East. Equally enjoyable were the songs presented by the local singers. However, the highlight of the show was the play 'A Doll's House' by Ibsen presented by the senior students of the school under the direction of the Prof. Bhuyan.

An amount of Rs. 10 lakhs was collected through donations. The renowned artistes donated 7 lakhs.All were handed over to the fund of Chief Minister's Relief Fund.

2. Farewell to founder Headmaster of Chaliha Memorial School- local M.L.A presided- appreciated- promise to serve.

Ans: A Touching Farewell
Local M.L.A presided

Nagaon,June 15:The students and teachers of  B.P Chaliha Memorial School accorded a heart- touching farewell to P.C. Chaudhary, the founder Headmaster of the school, on the eve of his  retirement. The meeting which started at 12 in the school auditorium, was presided over by the local M.L.A. The principal of the local college, Dr...... acted as the distinguished guest.
The local M.L.A, xyz recalled the contribution of the headmaster to the growth of the school as well as to the educational development.And also, he delivered a significant speech which mesmerized all. The students and teachers also spoke highly of the qualities of the headmaster who devoted his life to the school.They also spoke of his long service and co-operation. The teachers promised to serve the school as well as the headmaster whenever and whatever he wants. The headmaster , while speaking, held his tears with great difficulty.The present headmaster's tears ran down in torrent. Later, the retired headmaster was felicitated by the teachers and students through gifts while the clapping resounded the auditorium.He was wished a long  and active life.

3. A devastating fire broke out near Guwahati railway station-27 th October- hundreds of slum houses gutted-7 fire engines worked all night- 15 people killed- police enquiry.

Ans: A Devastating Fire Broke in Guwahati
15 people died

Guwahati, October 28: A devastating fire that broke out near Guwahati railway station yesterday midnight destroyed hundreds of slum houses, belonging to the poor day labourers and other daily wage earners. It was a wail and cry.Seven fire engines had been working tirelessly all the night in order to distinguish the extended fire.In the long run, the blaze was brought under control. Fifteenth people including three women and five children were burnt alive and a large number of people were injured.Most of them were in critical condition.Immediately, they were taken to GMCH.Forensic experts are investigating the cause of fire and police enquiry has been ordered.

Friends, practice makes perfect.

Ultimate Solution

1. Read the above cited things in the help Box.
2. Try to follow them.
3. Write two reports per day for 7 days with continuous effort.
3. Read the newspapers per day.
4. Learn the sentence pattern from the newspapers.


1. It is difficult.
2. I can't.


1. I will try my best.
2. I will improve.
3. I will do instead of I shall do.

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