How to reply when somone congrates you
How do you feel when your well--wishers support, inspire or respond you positively? Your heart is surged or sometimes you are over the moon or very happy.I have taken such a topic which will show the easiest way to respond to congratulations.You will find the best way to reply when someone congrates you.But, it is also true that this topic will help you to find the spoken English sentences every day where there is the beginning of becoming positive for your fluent English.

Now,I going to show you the easiest way to respond to congratulations of your friends.

It is-
The simplest way-

1. Thank you so much.

2. You are so sweet!

3. How lucky I am to hear from you!

4. How lucky I am to have a friend like you!

5. Thank you for your kind words.

Now,adding some sweet words-

1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a congratulation.

2. Thank you so much! Your congratulation has surged my heart and made me very happy.

3. Thank you very much.It  is so nice to hear from you.

4. I am highly thankful to you for kind and sweet words.

5. I am very glad to be surrounded by your congratulation full of love and affection.

6. Thank you.I appreciate your kind words.I am proud of you.

7. Thank you very much.You always support me.I am really lucky.

8. Thank you very much for thinking of me during this time with sweet words.

9. Thank you for continuing to encourage me to do my best.

10. It is so nice that you always stand by my side.Thank you very much.

11. I am very grateful to you that you keep me in your feelings.

12. You are really sweet. Your sweet words has warmed my heart.

13. How lucky I am to have you! You have a kind heart to support me.

14. Thank you very much.You have seen the best in me.I am over the moon to hear your sweet words.

15. It is really a fine day for me that I have heard so sweet words from you.Thank you for everything.

16. You are really a great friend who supports me a lot.To-day I am very lucky to hear so sweet words from you.

17. It is so nice that I am a big part of your love and affection and thoughts as well.Thank you very much.

18. Your support always helps me to proceed.Thank you very much for your sweet congratulation.

19. It is a fine day for me that your congratulation has encouraged me a lot while I dream.

20. Thank you very much for your congratulation. To-day, I dream more.It is a great impact of your sweet words.

21. Your supportive words have made me very happy.On this fine day, I am encouraged a lot to go ahead.

22. Nothing will be impossible for me if such sweet words from the bottom of your heart continue to touch my heart. Thank you very much.

23. A new horizon is always possible for me for your kind words. Thank you very much.

24. I am really happy that your congratulation has encouraged me to achieve a new goal again.

25. Thank you so much! On this fine day, you have become the best part of my life and encouraged me a lot.Your congratulation is really supportive and great as well.

26. I am very lucky to have such a great friend like you. The sweet words from the bottom of your heart have encouraged me a lot.

27. On this fine day, your supportive words have shown a bright way in my life. Thank you very much.

28. Today I am over the moon that you have inspired me a lot. Thank you so much !

29. Your congratulations have made me see a new and bright horizon. I am very happy. Thank you very much !

30. The sweet words of your encouragements have made me dream more. You are really supportive and great. Thanks a lot !

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Be happy.

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