Phrases and Idioms in English With Meaning
You do know that phrases and idioms in English can help you to enrich your English.So, I am going to show you a few phrases and idioms in English with meanings which are common phrases and idioms in English.

1. A piece of cake(very easy)- The test was a piece of cake for me.

2. Red letter day(an important, a special or memorable day)- The day I first set foot in the village was a red letter day for me.

3. Null and void(having no legal force or effect; not valid)- As he says, this contract is null and void.

4. Break in upon(to interrupt)- Please do not break in upon our conversation.

5. To keep an eye(to keep a watch)- I want to keep an eye on the naughty boy.

6. A rolling stone(one who does not stick to one place)- No one loves a rolling stone.

7. Big gun(an important or influential or a powerful person)- Only a big gun can do it easily.

8. In vain(unsuccessfully)- My effort went in vain.

9. With flying colours(to succeed with honour)- The football team came out with flying colours.

10. To nip in the bud(to destroy in the beginning)- We should nip the evil in the bud.

11. To get rid of(to get free)- He tried hard to get rid of his evil company.

12. At sixes and sevens(in disorder)- I became angry when I found that the room was at sixes and sevens.

13. Ups and downs(good and bad fortune)- I have seen many ups and downs in my life.

14. Take after(to be similar)- He takes after his father.

15. Under the weather(to feel slightly unwell or ill or low spirited)- I could not walk fast, because I was under the weather.

16. Well-to-do(affluent or rich or wealthy)- He was well-to-do,so he could purchase the land.

17. To keep a cool head(to stay calm in a difficult situation)- Though it was stressful for me, I could keep a cool head.

18. Turn up(to arrive)- Many people turned up at the meeting.

19. Take place(to happen or occur)- The terrible accident took place at the heart of the city.

20. An apple of eye(very dear)- She is an apple of my eye.

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