Use Of Much And Many
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Difference Between The Use of Much and Many
Much is used with uncountable nouns(e.g.,water,oil) and Many is used with countable plural nouns(e.g.,apples,children).

Much- it is used with the Uncountable Nouns.
Let's see: 1. I have much money.
                  2. How much water is there in the bucket ?
                  3. How much rice will you purchase for the feast ?
                  4. I have added much sugar to the tea.
                  5. Why have you added much salt to the curry ?

A Vital Point
1. Much is used with Singular Nouns.
2. The forms of Be Verb are written in Singular forms in the sentences where much is used.

Many- it is used with Countable Nouns.
Let's see: 1. I have many books.
                  2. How many people are there in the hall?
                  3. He has many friends.
                  4. How many books are there in the shelf ?
                  5. There are many students in the college.

A Vital Point
1. Many is used with Plural Nouns.
2. So, the forms of Be Verb are also written in Plural forms.
Let's see:1.There are many books on the table.
( Here, Are is Plural form and the Noun-'Books' is also Plural form.)

Friends, this is the much and many difference where you have found the how much and how many examples as well.

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