Difference Between Every and Each
On this fine day, it is a very interesting topic which I have taken for you. The topic is- Difference Between Every And Each.This topic will show the easiest way to find the clear difference between every and each. This topic will give you a clear concept of the difference between those two words which are similar in meaning but different in grammatical usage.

Now, let's come to the point-

What is the difference between every and each?

Every refers to all the things or persons of a group. The group  consists of more than two things or persons. But, Each refers to individual(considered separately) in a group of two or more things or persons.

Examples- 1. Every student of the school respected the teacher.
                   2. Each of them knew me.

By the way,
are you confused ? If you are confused,  I am going to show a very simple way. It is:

Every refers to all. But, Each refers to individual. Every refers to all where there are more than two. But, Each refers to individual where there are two or more.

But, you have to know some important things of the question.

Very Very Important-

1. After 'Each of' , there is a Pronoun or Determiner.
Examples - 1. Each of them are involved in it.
                     2. Each of the children is honest.

2. With 'Every', 'One' is written.
After 'Every one', 'of' is used and then a Determiner and Noun are written.
   1. Everyone supported me.                            2. Every one of the children received a gift.
                  3. Every one of us will support the member.
              4. Every one has a bicycle.

After 'Every one of', a Pronoun is also written.

Example-1. Every one of us  helped the family.

                 2. Every one of the members helped the poor family.

Now, let's read examples in order to be clear more-

1. Each of the two boys recognised me.
2. Each of them tried hard to get over the difficulties.
3. Each of the boys helped me yesterday.
4. Each of us has a car.
5. Each one of them got a good job.
6. Each one takes a chocolate.
7. I know every student in the school.
8. He could hear every word we said.
9.I enjoyed every minute of the day.
10. I read every article in the newspaper.
11. They enjoyed every moment of the day in the festival.
12. Though he helped the every member of the family, the family betrayed him.
13. Your each foot is strong.
14. You can lift it easily, because each arm of you is stronger than I.
15. Each one of you should study well.

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