Classification Of Sentence
It is an interesting topic which I have taken to you for the purpose of showing the easiest way of classification of sentence. You will be happy to know that I am going to show the 5 types of English sentences. If you immerse in it, it is also a help for your fluent English.

Let's move on-
To-day, I am going to show the easiest way of classification of sentence.

First of all, what is a Sentence?
A Sentence is a set of words that expresses a complete thought containing a statement, request, command, advice, question etc.

Now, Classification of Sentence-
There are 5 types of English sentences which are classified by their purpose.

They are-

1. Declarative Sentence or Assertive Sentence.

2. Interrogative Sentence.

3. Imperative Sentence.

4. Optative Sentence.

5. Exclamatory Sentence.

Now, in details-

Declarative Sentence or Assertive Sentence

This sentence tells us something.

The sentence which tells or asserts us a statement, feeling, fact, event or an emotion is called a Declarative Sentence or an Assertive Sentence.

1. I do the work every day.
2. I love you very much.
3. He plays football every day.
4. We help him.
5. They are my bosom friends.
6. We can swim well.
7. She is writing a letter now.
8. We go there.
9. It is on the verge of sinking into oblivion.
10. He is  gullible.

At the end of this sentence, full stop (.) is written.

Interrogative Sentence

It asks us about something as a question.

The Sentence which asks us about something as questions or questions us is called an Interrogative Sentence.

1. Do you know me?
2. Can you recognise me?
3. Are you ready now?
4. Will you do the work?
5. Does he love me?
6. What are you doing now?
7. Why will you go there?
8. Where are you from?
9. What class are you in?
10. How have you got here?

At the end of this sentence, question mark(?) is written.

Imperative Sentence

It gives us an advice, a suggestion or a request.

The sentence which conveys an advice, a request, an instruction, a suggestion, a forbiddence, an order or a command is called an Imperative Sentence.

1. Please give me your car.
2. Go there.
3. March on.
4. Read regularly.
5. Do the work at once.
6. Open the door.
7. Call in a doctor.
8. Do your home work
9. Read the lesson.
10. Do not go there alone.

1. In this sentence, the Subject is not written, it is hidden. The hidden Subject is You. 
2. In this sentence, at the beginning a Verb is written.
3. In this sentence, to mean request Please is written at the beginning or at the end of the sentence.
4. To emphasise the sentence, You is written at the beginning.

Optative Sentence

It expresses wish, hope or to pray.

The sentence which expresses a keen wish, prayer, hope or curse is called an Optative Sentence.

1. May he live long.
2. May you be happy.
3. May your dreams come true.
4. May you prosper.
5. Wish you a happy journey.
6. May God bless you.(God bless you.)
7. May your luck favour you.
8. May God save this poor man.
9. May he be happy.
10. May your family be happy.

At the beginning of this sentence, May or Wishing is written.

Exclamatory Sentence

It expresses different feelings of mind.

The sentence which expresses joy, happiness, sorrow, surprise or wonder is called an Exclamatory Sentence.

1. What a beautiful girl she is!
2. How interesting!
3. How strange it is!
4. Oh, no!
5. Hurrah, we have won the game!
6. Alas, he is no more!
7. What a fool I am!
8. How wonderful it is!
9. What a wonderful thing it is!
10. How lovely the child is!

At the end of this sentence, exclamation mark (!) is written.

Friends, these are the 5 types of English sentences.

Study and practise.

1. Make 5 sentences of these 5 types and show them to an English teacher.
2. Try to use them while speaking.

1. I cannot.
2. It is difficult.

1. I will try.
2. I will practise.

1. It is very important.
2. It is really helpful.

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