Work or Job - Differences

Do you want to communicate effectively?Yes,you do.

Do you like to communicate effectively?Yes,you do.

It is by your ability to use the right words to convey message without fumbling.

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As Confucius says,"Without knowing the force of words,it is impossible to know men."

As William Shakespeare says,"It is a kind of good deed to say well and yet words are not deeds."

To-day's topic is Work vs Job A Clear Concept which will help you to know the difference between Work and Job or the actual meaning of them.

Let's move on-
Only two differences will give you the clear concept.They are-
1. The difference of Grammar and
2. The difference of meaning.

The Difference Of Grammar

Work is used as both Noun and Verb.
As Noun-1. He did the work.
                 2. I like the work.
                 3. I have a lot of works to do.
                 4. He likes to do such a work.
 As Verb-1. He worked hard.
                 2. He worked yesterday.
                 3. I worked for them.
                 4. We are working now.

But,Job is used only as Noun.Example-1. It is a good job.
                            2. I am looking for a job.
                            3. He is doing a job.
                            4. What's is your job?

The Difference Of Meaning

Work means to do using physical and mental effort in order to produce something.
Examples-1.I did the work well.
                   2. He was working well.
                   3. He has been doing the work for two days.
                   4. She does a lot of works at home.
                   5. We have to do many works.

But,Job means to do something in exchange of money.Examples-
1. What's your job?
2. What type of job do you do in your company?
3. I am over the moon that you have got a good job.
4. I am doing a job.
5. He is doing a good job in the company.

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