Ways to speak Thank You in English       
As Thaddeus Golas says,'What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens.'

So, your reaction should be in a better way.

But I am with you to help through alternative of thank you.

The alternative of thank you will be so effective for you that,

1. You will be able to show your personality.
2. You will be able to show your attitude.

Let's move on-

The alternative of thank you are

1. Thanks.

2. Many thanks.

3. Thanks a lot.

4. Thanks a bunch.

5. Thank you very much.

6. Thank you for everything.

7. A million thanks to you.

8. Thanks a ton.

9. Thank you for coming.

10. Thank you. You are so helpful.

How to use in different situations?
Now,some important ways to speak Thank You in English through alternatives of thank you.

Let's move on-

To your teachers-

1. Thank you for your guidance.

2. I have learnt so much.thank you .

3. Thank you for being patient and helping me improve.

At a wedding-

1. Thank you for coming.

2. Thank you for joining us to-day.

3. Thank you ever so much for your generous gift.

In business-

1. How kind you are to help me! Thank you very much.

2. Many thanks for your assistance in our business.

3. Thank you once again for everything.

Friends,these alternatives of thank you in English will help you in different situations I hope.

Now, as a well-wisher I am going to help you.

   Help Box

Basic  Phrases

1. Thanks a lot.
2. Thank you. You're so helpful.
3. Thanks for your kind words.

You are working and your colleague gives you a cup of tea.Then say

1. Thanks a bunch.

2. Thanks! You're awesome for thinking of me.

A bright idea to give you the alternatives of thank you in English.

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