Vocabulary with English Meaning

Do you want to see a radiant smile on your parents' lips?Yes,you do.

Your parents are over the moon,whenever you can fulfill your or their dream.

As Woodraw T. Welson says, "We grow great by dreams.All big men are dreamers."

Dream and fulfil it.

Dream of speaking English.

To-day,I have hammered out an ultimate solution which will enable you to speak English.It is, Vocabulary Helps You To Speak English.

Let's move on-

•Vocabulary with English Meaning

Vocabulary is a collection of words or it is a collection of words and phrases.

Why will you take the help of Vocabulary to speak English? The reasons are--

1. Words are the only powerful means of expressing ideas and thoughts.

2. Using words effectively will put a positive impact on your interaction.

3. You will deserve a good result.

4. Including a number of activities with Vocabulary will help you to use the words properly in a sentence while speaking.

5. A good and appropriate Vocabulary helps one to express one's ideas and thoughts clearly.

6. It develops pronunciation.

7. It makes conversation effective.

8. The different parts of Vocabulary will help you to make the different sentences.

9. You will need less time to use the words.

10. You will need less time to make the sentences.


7 Powerful Tips To Start Speaking English-
(Through Vocabulary)
Please regard yourself as a child.A child uses any word at any time.The child speaks broken language.A child may use a Verb,a Noun etc. at any time.
Now,you can proceed with a Verb.It is,' Know.'

Make 5  sentences with this Verb which can be used while talking to your friends.They are-
   1. I know.
   2. Do you know?
   3. Do you know how to swim?
   4. I know him well.
   5. I know how to do.  
You can make different sentences.But, you must use them while talking.You must talk every day.

Take two Verbs.They are-
Do and See.
Make 5  sentences with these Verbbs.They are-
     1. You should do.
     2. I have to do.
     3. Oh,I see.
     4. I see him.
     5. I do this regularly.
Talk to your well--wishers or friends using these words for 7 days.

The Result You Have Deserved-
You have already spoken 10 sentences.This is the beginning to speak English.So, go ahead.

Take five Verbs and make 10 sentences with them yourself.The Verbs are-go,say,tell,read and write.

Take the describing words- beautiful, big, handsome and well-built.
While talking,use 5 sentences made up of the describing words.

Example-1. She is a beautiful girl.
                 2. I have a big bag.You can take it.
                 3. You are handsome.
                 4. My father is a handsome man.
                 5. He is quite tall and well-built.

Now,make a few beautiful sentences.They are-
       1.You have a fair chance of winning.
       2. She is very fair.
       3. It's praise-worthy.
       4. You are a gregarious, outgoing sort of person.

Think critically.Make sentences using 'but' and 'if'.Examples-1. I know but I shall try tomorrow.
                        2. I am fat but I can walk fast.
                        3. If I meet you,I'll tell you the story.

Speak in an interesting way telling about your hobby.
First ask your friend what his / her hobby is.
You can use these sentences-1.What is your hobby?
                    2. What do you like to do in your free time?

Then, tell about your hobby.Use these sentences-1.I love playing ____.
                    2. In my free time, I also like to __.

Vocabulary Helps You To Speak English.


You can use these sentences every day-

1. I was sleeping all the day.

2. My hair is getting longer.

3. I don't feel like eating anything.

4. I found it impossible.

5. I don't feel like going to market.


1. Listen to conversation daily.

2. Use the sentences which you learn from conversation.Use them while talking.

3. Involve completely.


Nothing is impossible for man.
Make your will-power strong.

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Thank you for being a valuable reader.