Learn Spoken English

It is a try for the non-native speakers.

Let's come to the point-

If you do not use a sword for long,what will happen?
It will happen-
1. Rust will corrode the sword.

2. The sword will get blunt.

3. You will be compelled to back out of the battlefield.

4. The sword will get useless.

5. Your bright horison will be shrouded by the rusty sword.

Then,how will you become
Fluent in English?
What to do?
1. First,you have to hone the sword.

2. Then,you have to use it.

The Rusty Sword Of Spoken English!
Yes,it will help you 
How To Improve English Speaking Skills.

As Source Unknown says, "Doing nothing is the most tiresome job in the world because you cannot quit and rest."

Similarly,you have made a very sharp sword of Spoken English,viz you have become very rich in Spoken English.If you stop speaking English for long, what will happen?
1. You will have to stutter while speaking.

2. The truth that you could speak fluently will remain hidden beneath a shroud of ignorance.

3. You may lose job opportunities.

4. The effort or hard practice you have made to speak English will go in vain.

But,do not worry.

As a well-wisher of you,I am with you.You will be able to speak, Fluent English.

As German Proverb says, " Who has never tasted what is bitter does not know is sweet."

Try again and take the sweet taste of Spoken English or
Fluent English.

As C.W. Ceran says,"Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple."

As a genius, your ability will reduce the complicated things.

Then,what will you deserve?
You will deserve-
1. You will obtain the typical ability to speak again.

2. Your ability will aim at stronger and better opportunities.

How will you obtain the typical ability to speak again?

Only two ways will help you.They are-
1. Listening to conversation per day.

2. Talk to your well-wishers per day or communicate with people as possible.


Listening To Conversation Per Day

You have to do typically-
1. While listening and
2. After listening.

While listening,you have to pay attention much more to the Simple Sentences.And, try to use them while communicating with people.

While listening conversation,what will happen? It will happen-
1. You will be encouraged more.

2. You will feel like speaking.

3. You will learn the usage of new words.

4. You will learn new sentences.

5. You will learn the pronunciation of new words.

After listening to conversation,try to communicate with people.

It Will Be Better-
Talk To Your Well-wishers
1. Use Simple Sentences for a few days.

2. After a few days,use the sentences to be combined by But or If.

3. First speak slowly.

4. Talk about hobbies.

5. Talk about job,study etc.

6. Speak confidently.

7. Do not take the mistakes overseriously.Because,to err is human.

8. Involve completely.

An Ultimate Solution
If you have a hectic schedule,

1. Communicate with people 2 days in a week.Continue it every week.

2. Listen to conversation one day in a week.Continue it every week.

3. Never be ashamed of.

Friends,I hope that the article-
The Rusty Sword Of Spoken English
has changed your mind.

Be positive.
Think of
Fluent English.

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