Hello, friends.
As Charles Reade says," Beauty is power, a smile is it's sword."

How much power does your deep love of Tense have?

You have an immense power in it which consists in the beauty of your deep love of Tense.

Please utilise it.It will be a way of fluent English speaking.

Do it.Success is bound to you.

As a beginner, only two Tenses will change you which will give you the spoken English sentences every day.


1. They will help you to speak English sentences every day.

2. They will help you to write well as well.

3. Only the two Tenses bocome fluent English speaking skills for you.

4. A hope of being able to talk in English will pop into your mind.

To-day, I am going to help you through two Tenses only.These two Tenses will help you to start fluent English speaking with the great driving force of spoken English sentences every day.

How will you speak through two Tenses only?

The Tenses are-

1. Simple Present Tense.

2. Present Continuous Tense.

These two Tenses will give you the strongest starting of speaking.

Let's move on-
Through Simple Present Tense

For first two days, make 10 sentences of this Tense and use them while speaking. They are-

1. Yes, I know.

2. I know.

3. I love you very much.

4. I can do it.

5. I am with you, don't worry.

6. Try hard.

7. Do this.

8. Read regularly.

9. We will help you.

10. You are strong.

For next seven days, use these sentences in conversation.

From 8 th day, you can agree with me that spontaneously new sentences will come out of your brain with these sentences.

It is utterly true that it will be the strongest beginning of fluent English speaking.

Through Present Continuous Tense
For next three days, make 10 sentences of Present Continuous Tense and use them while talking.
They are-
1. I am watching T.V.
2. I am reading now.
3. I am listening to music.
4. Mother is cooking.
5. He is playing.
6. My sister is doing B.A.
7. He is listening to Zubeen's songs.
8. We are walking.
9. He is reading a newspaper.
19.She is eating rice.


I do not want to recommend you to use these sentences at every situation.Depending on the situation, you may have to change them.
I have shown these sentences to support you so that you can make different sentences using these patterns.

As Aristotle says," For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them."

So, your action must be in full swing.

Help Box Full Of Fluent English Speaking Skills

1. As a beginner, do not speak fast please.
2. Talk to your well-wishers every day using short sentences.
3. After being fluent with short sentences, make them longer.
Examples-1. I can do.( short)
                   2. I can do it easily.(long)
4. You must listen to conversation every day.
5. If you are very busy, please listen 3 days in a week.Only you should involve yourself completely in it.

To  Be  More  Fluent
1. Make sentences with If  But and Though.Then,use them in conversation.

A Simple But An Effective Way Of Pronunciation
1. 'h' is silent in the words- What,Which,Where,Why,White,While...

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