If you have a good command of Vocabulary, you will be able to express your ideas and thoughts clearly.

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Synonyms  - A Power Of Vocabulary

As a matter of fact, Synonyms are a power of Vocabulary.

1. They will help you to increase your knowledge of Vocabulary.

2. You will be able to speak with a natural flow.

3. You will be able to systematise and organise your thoughts in a better way.

Now, come to the point-

What are Synonyms?

The English words and expressions that have the same or nearly the same meanings are known as Synonyms.


abandon- forsake
ability- skill
able- capable
above- overhead
accurate- correct
afraid- scared
aid- help, assist
alike- same
baby- infant
beautiful- pretty
blank- empty
broad- wide
buy- purchase
busy- active
calm- quiet
concrete- real
confess- admit
confine- contain
conflict- oppose
confuse- puzzle
connect- join
conscious- aware
consecutive- successive
constantly- always
convenient- handy
cozy- comfortable
crazy- insane
dangerous- unsafe
daring- bold
dark- dismal
dawn- daybreak
dead- lifeless
depart- leave
eager- keen
enquire- investigate
evil- bad
exit- leave
excellent- superior
end- finish
enormous- huge
fast- quick
fool- idiot
happen- occure
huge- enormous
idle- lazy
kind- cordial
miniature- tiny
occure- happen
old- ancient
reject- deny
rich- wealthy
sad- unhappy
slim- thin
small- tiny
trust- believe
unfortunate- unlucky
value- worth
want- desire
wonderful- amazing
writer- author
wrong- incorrect

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