It is a strong part of Vocabulary which will help you to-
1. know new words ,
2. know the usage of words,
3. to express your thoughts and ideas properly.
4. to write the sentences in correct pattern.

Let's move on-

1. Alter-it is a Verb; means to change something.Example- He altered his plan.
   Altar- it is a Noun; means a structure on which sacrifices are offered. Example- As the alter was high, all could see it.

2. Main- it is an Adjective; means more important or having more influence. Example- I found the main point of the topic.
    Mane- it is a Noun; means a growth of long hair of a horse's neck or around the face and neck of a lion. Example-The horse's mane grew very thick.

3. Pain- it is a Noun; means a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury. Example- I was in constant pain.
    Pane- it is a Noun; a single sheet of a window or door. Example- The pane of the window is sturdy.

4. Rain- it is a Noun; means the drops of water from clouds. Example- It is raining now.
   Reign- it is a Noun or Verb;  means the period of learning or rule over. Example- Queen Victoria  reigned over Britain from 1837 to 1901.

5. Write- it is a Verb; means to make marks that represent letters, words or numbers on a surface. Example- He is writing a story
     Right- it is a Noun; means to be correct as a fact or as it should be. Example- I got the right answer.

6. Mite- it is a Noun; means a very small animal. Example- Beware of mites.
     Might- it a Past form of May. Example- He said that he might do that.

7. Brake- it is a Noun; means a device of a vehicle. Example- My bicycle has no brakes.
    Break- it is both Verb and Noun; means to separate into pieces or a pause in work. Example-  
         1. He has broken the glass.
         2. He needed a break from work.

8. Night- it is a Noun; means the period from sunrise to sunset. Example- It gets cold at night.
    Knight- it is a Noun; a rank of  honour by a British king or queen. Example- He hopes to be a knight.

9. Sale- it is a Noun; means an act of exchanging something for money. Example- I have not made a sale all evening.
    Sell- it a Verb; to exchange something for money. Example- He sold rice yesterday.

10. Mill- it is a Noun; means a factory fitted with machinery for particular manufactureing process. Example- We have a steel mill.
    Meal- it is a Noun; means food or an occasion of eating food. Example- We have had meal.

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