Same Words Different Meanings

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Same Words Different Meanings

1. Present, it is a Noun; Example: He gave me a present.
    Present, it is also a Verb; He presented me on that day.

2. Rose, it is a Noun; means the name of a flower. Example- How beautiful the rose is!
    Rose, it is a Verb;past form of rise; means to move upwards, to stand, to get out of bed, to increase, to become successful, to become higher. Example-
The castle is built on rising ground.
She quickly rose to the position of Chief Editor.
The wind is rising.
He rises at 5 every morning.
I rose from my chair.
The balloon rose up into air.

3. Eminent, it is an Adjective; means famous or well-known.Example-He is an eminent writer.
    Imminent, it is also an Adjective; means about to happen very soon.Example-His death is imminent.

4. Dip, it is a Verb; means to put something into liquid.Example-He puts his clothes into water.
    Deep, it is an Adjective; means extending far down from the top or very intensive.Example-The fishery is very deep. It is a deep feeling.

5. Bit, it is a Noun; means a small piece or amount of something.Example-Give me a bit of chocolate.My glass smashed into little bits.
   Beat, it is a Verb; means to strike repeatedly and violently or to defeat.Example- The animal beaten by him.I beat him easily at chess.

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