Rhyming Words of Said

Have you ever felt how much power your words have?

Have you ever felt that your words have a great impact?

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Pronunciation is such an ornament that can enhance the beauty of one's words.

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To-day's topic is Rhyming Words of Said.

First of all,what is Rhyming Words?
Rhyming Words are the words where you can find the same ending sounds.
Example- net-set

But,why should you learn Rhyming Words?

The reasons are-
1. You will be able to make your pronunciation properly.
2. The knowledge of Vocabulary will be a heavy load.
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Let's come to the point-

How to pronounce the word- Said?

The basic points are-
1. Do not make double vowel sounds.
2. Make the single Vowel Sound which you make in the word- Bed. The Vowel Sound in the both words is same.

Improve Pronunciation Exercises

What are the Rhyming words of -'Said'?

They are-
1. dead
2. red
3. bed
4. led
5. shed
6. head

In order to be clear in the Vowel Sound more,the words are given below where you can find the same Vowel Sound which is used in the word-Said.They are not the Rhyming Words of -'Said'.
They have same vowel sounds.They are-

1.dead  11. hen
2 set  12. then
3.red  13. let
4. net   14. men
5. met   15. bled
6. led   16. bell
7. head   17. cell
8. egg   18. peck
9. pen   19. get
10.den  20. vet

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