Rhyming Words in English

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Rhyming words is the best solution of pronunciation. Rhyming words in English is a very interesting topic to learn about. So, today I (Subudh) think that I should also give you a chance to have the taste of it.
Do you want to speak better English?Yes,you do.

Do you know one of the secrets of better English?It is Pronunciation.

Can you find a solution of it?Yes,you can.One of the solutions is Rhyming Words.You will be more clear through Rhyming words.

Let's come to the point-
What do you mean by Rhyming Words or What is Rhyming Words ?

Rhyming Words are the words where there are the same or similar ending sounds.

As Anita DeFrantnz says, "Your goal should be out of reach but not out of sight."

Well, let's start-

Rhyming Words List

am-dam       kin-sin
ate-date       keep-deep
book-took    kite-bite
bat-sat         love-dove
ball-call        light-sight
bug-hug       lame-fame
clot-dot        lane-crane
cot-slot        lot-pot
cat-sat         lit-hit
cap-nap       man-ran
crane-lane   might-fight
dot-lot          mine-nine
dove-love    ox-box
den-hen       pin-sin
dog-log        pale-sale
drake-brake  pox-fox
end-bend     pane-lane
frog-log   plight-flight
four-roar    pat-sat
fine-shine   part-cart
fat-sat         rat-sat
fell-hell        rate-date
few-dew      right-sight
fox-box        rake-fake
fan-man       sin-tin
goat-coat   sake-take
got-dot     simple-dimple
gray-ray    same-came
hand-sand   shine-nine
hop-drop    took-look
ill-fill            tin-pin
jam-dam    time-lime
joy-boy       take-lake
jug-bug      van-man
jug-drug      mine-nine

•Some more rhyming words (1 Syllable)

Rhyming Words for you - blew,chew,brew,blue

Rhyming Words for tree - free,bee,agree

Rhyming Words for day - gray,pray,lay,clay,way,they,say,pay,may

Rhyming Words for life - wife,knife

Why will you learn Rhyming Words?

1  Pronunciation will be proper.

2  You will get to know many new words.

3  Vocabulary building will be strong.

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