Proverbs in English with Meaning and Examples
On this fine day, I am going to help you to make your English richer. How? It is through the list of proverbs in English. You can find the proverbs in English about friends or the proverbs for the friends in English. It is true that you can accept the proverbs in English on life or the proverbs in English for success in a language. This article is effective for the proverbs in English and meanings. And also, it is for the proverbs in English for students with meanings.

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What is Proverb?

A Proverb is a sentence usually known by many people where there is stated something commonly experienced or giving advice which is a general truth. It is often metaphorical.

Now, the proverbs in English with meanings and explanations in the easiest way-

1. All That Glitters Is Not Gold-
It means, everything that is shiny and attractive is not valuable or having good quality. It also means, though the external appearance of something is attractive, it not a reliable indication of its true nature.
Example-Try to discover the quality of something instead of being attracted by it, because all that glitters is not gold.

2. A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed-
It means, the friend who stands by you while you are at stake is your true friend indeed. This proverb describes the most important characteristics of a true friend.
Example-If you had not stood by me, I would not have been able to get rid of the danger ; a friend in need is a friend indeed.

3. A Bad Worker Quarrels With His Tools-
It means, the worker who is bad viz, does not know how to do a work using a tool properly , blames the tool. Such a worker lowers the quality of the tool or work and shows off himself or herself.
Example-If you do not know the proper use of the tool, you should not blame it. Because, a bad worker quarels with his tools.

4. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away-
It means, if you form the habit of eating fruits,it will maintain a good health. As studies say, apples seem to be particularly good at keeping one away from various diseases.So, it is believed or said that, if we eat an apple per day, it fends off us from disease.
Example-Please eat an apple every day, because it is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

5. To Cherish A Serpent In One's Bosom-
It means, there are some people who are traitorous, untrustworthy, deceitful or ungrateful. Even though we help, take care of or treat them well, they can deceive, do harm or be ungrateful to us.
Example-I helped him at risk, but he did not treat me well. It seemed to cherish a serpent in one's bosom.

6. To Make A Mountain Out Of A Molehill-
It refers to the overreaction of a person. It means to make a slight difficulty a serious problem. It also means to exaggerate or put too much focus on a minor issue and make it a major issue.
Example-Do not make a mountain out of a molehill; be silent please.

7. No Pain, No Gain-
It conveys, we can never succeed without trying hard. Pain or failure teaches us a lesson to succeed. Pain teaches us the way of getting a result with an adequate effort.
Example-Try hard to succeed, remember no pain no gain.

8. Something Is Better Than Nothing-
It means, we are contended over something than to have nothing. It is not what is required, but it is better to have that thing than to have nothing at all.
Example-The begger is satisfied with the torn shirt, because something is better than nothing.

9. Cut Your Coat According Your Clothes-
It means, we should know the proper assessment to do something, viz the person who spends more than his income ruins his own life. He will have to face hardship.
Example-Cut your coat according your clothes, because your family is big but your income is low.

10. A Sleeping Fox Catches No Poultry-
It means, if you sleep for long and do not want to work, you will not get anything ; viz if one is lazy, one cannot deserve anything. So, in order to alert or make conscious , this provern is used.
Example- You are very lazy, you should know that a sleeping fox catches no poultry.

11. A Careful Man Faces No Destruction-
It means, the person who becomes careful while doing something does not face adversity, the person deserves good. If the person is careless, the person faces problems and falls at risk.
Example- Do the work carefully, a careful man faces no destruction.

12. Black Will Take No Other  Hue-
It means, coal is black ; but  if you try to remove the blackness of it by cleaning effort, the coal never changes its colour ;  your effort will go in vain. Likewise, there are some people who are evil or bad by nature ; they can never change their qualities.
Example-He did not change a particle , though I tried hard ; because black will take no other hue.

13. It Takes Two To Make A Quarrel-
It conveys , a quarrel cannot made by one person. It is an angry dispute which is between two persons. If one does not create disputes against other, the other never gets angry and intends to quarrel.
Example- If you keeps scolding her, it will cause a quarrel between you ; because it takes two to make a quarrel.

14. Where There Is A Will There Is A Way-
It means, if one intends to do something, one can do. Because, one's will-power is the strongest power which allows or compels one to do.
Example-Never think that you cannot, there is a saying that where there is a will there is a way.

15. Rome Was Not Built In A Day-
In order to build Rome , the Romans worked very hard ; they were laying bricks every hour. It means, the secret of achieving a goal lies in hard work and time as well. So, to be successful we should work hard having patience.
Example- Do not loose your heart, keep it up ; because Rome was not built in a day.

16. Empty Vessels Sound Much-
An empty vessel sounds more than a filled one. It means, those who are least talent and have least knowledge usually speak most and loudest. They fuss about about their things. But, those who are really talent and have full knowledge speak less or remain silent ; they show by doing.
Example-Tom speaks much but he cannot perform well.So,it is said that empty vessels sound much.

17. Unity is Strength-
It means, if you do a work alone, it will take much more time while it may be much difficult. But, if you do the same work together with others, it will take less time ; it will be easy for you which is the real strength of you and the other workers who intend to do together or unitedly.
Example- Let's do together, unity is strength.

18. Might is Right
It means, those who are powerful can do anything what they wish even if their action is not justified. No one can challenge a powerful man while he proceeds.
Example-You are the only man who will be able to do this, because might is right.

19. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind-
It means, if we do not see or meet someone for long, we forget him or her. It occurs by nature ; when something is not visible for long, we forget it.
Example- When he left for London and the relation was cut off, I forgot him and remembered when he came to our native land. So, it is called out of sight out of mind.

20. The More You Read The More You Learn-
A book is a store of knowledge.We get to know many things or earn knowledge from a book. If we read more books or read more, we will get to know more things. To mean this, it is said that the more you read the more you learn.
Example- Read a book in your free time, because, the more you read the more you learn.

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