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     Important to know-
An idiom is a phrase or an expression that typically presents a figurative meaning attached to the phrase.

Now we are going to learn some Phrases and idioms with examples. The examples will help you to know the usage of phrases with idioms (Phrases and idioms). We have also shown the meanings of phrases and idioms which can help you too.

Phrases and Idioms with examples-

1. Again and again (repeatedly)-Do this again and again.

2. Add fuel to fire (to increased anger)-My words added fuel to fire.

3. All and sundry (everybody)-All and sundry came to see the new bridge.

4. An axe to grind(to think of own interest)- He did not help me as he has an axe to grind.

5. At daggers dawn(having enmity)-We are daggers dawn for ten years.

6. At large(at liberty free)-The culprit is still at large in the town.

7. At the eleventh hour(at the last moment)- The meeting was cancelled at eleventh hour.

8. A.B.C(basic knowledge)- I do not know even A.B.C of English grammar.

9.A bed of roses(very comfortable)- Life is not a bed of roses.

10.An apple of discord(basic cause of quarrel)- Their property has become an apple of discord among them.

11. An open secret(a known secret)- This is an open secret that they deal in drugs.

12. A brain wave(a bright idea)- It is true that a brain wave saved all of us.

13. A child's play(easy work)- It is not a child's play,so do with concentration.

It was a short list of Phrases and Idioms, next will be uploaded very soon.


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