Phrases and Idioms with Meanings and Examples

It is a strong and bright way by which you will be able to- rich in English.
2.write or speak th English language richly as well as humorously.

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1. Blue blood(royal blood)-We have blue blood in our veins.

2. Back out(to retreat)-Though I promised to help him,I had to back out.

3. Bag and baggage(with all the belongings)-We left the house bag and baggage.

4. Better half(wife)-My better half is my best friend.

5. Bird's-eye view(a view from a very high place)-We got a bird's-eye view of the island.

6. Black and blue(too much)-You should not punish him black and blue.

7. Black sheep(unwanted person)-We should know the black sheep of our society.

8. Bread and butter(material gains)-I do not want to run after bread and butter now a days.

9. By hook or by crook(by any possible means)-We have to finish the work by hook or by crook.

10. By fits and starts(with irregular bursts of activity)-If you work by fits and starts,you will not succeed.

11. By and by(after a short period,soon)-By and by I shall allow you to do the work.

12. By and large(on the whole,generally)-By and large,I am unhappy with your result.

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