Phrasal Verbs With Meaning and Phrasal Verb Examples

You may not feel that your words have an impact which can form you in a different way.

To-day ,I am going to help you to make your words more powerful.

It is Phrasal Verb that is a strong part of a language which can make your words more powerful.

What is Phrasal Verb?

Phrasal Verb is a combination of two or three words from different grammatical categories such as a Verb and a Particle or a Verb and a Preposition or an Adverb.

To-day,I am going to show some very important Phrasal Verbs.They are-

Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

1. Get ahead-means to become successful.Example-I worked hard to get ahead.

2. Get at-means to reach or obtain something or try to express.Examples-
         1. He got at what I thought.
         2. I put the book on the high self,so he could not get at it.

3. Get around-means to travel to a lot of places.Example-This week I am getting around.

4. Get over-means to recover from ailments or overcome.Examples-
              1. I have got over the flu.
              2. He could get over all the difficulties.

5. Come across-means to meet or find by chance.Example-I came across his father yesterday.

6. Come over-means to move towards someone.Example-Come over here!

7. Come on-means to say to encourage to do something.Example-Come on,let's do the work.

8. Come by-means to visit a place for a short time.Example-I will come by your place.

Those were some Phrasal verbs examples and Phrasal verbs list.

If you know the Phrasal Verbs,you will be able to-
1. write a sentence humorously.

2. speak informal English in a better way.

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