Phrasal Verbs With Meaning

To-day,I have taken a very interesting topic which will help you to make your Spoken English humorous as well as meaningful.

Phrasal Verb is what?

Phrasal Verb is a combination of two or three words from different grammatical categories such as a Verb and a Particle or a Verb and Preposition or an Adverb.

Why will you learn it? Because,

1. It is very helpful for Spoken English.

2. It helps one to understand the meaning properly.

The very important Phrasal Verbs are-

Phrasal Verbs With Meaning

1. Cut out(stop working)-The engine of my car cut out yesterday.
                   (to remove)-He asked me to cut out the poem.

2. Cut off(to separate)-I cut off myself from my family. He cut off his relation from you.

3. Cut into(to make several pieces by cutting)-He cut into the cucumber and gave away. She cut into the cake and gave away.

4. Clean up(to make a place clean and tidy)-The organisation cleaned up the town. The young boys cleaned up the field.

5. Clean out(to clean the inside of something)-He cleaned out the bottle.

6. Clean off(to clean the surface of something)-The boy cleaned off the table.

7. Duck out(to leave a place hurriedly and secretly)-He ducked out of the room.

8. Duck down(to bend down to avoid being hit)-He ducked down to get out of the way.

9. Devoid of(not having)-He is devoid of common sense.

The more you read the more you learn.

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