Particular or Special - Difference

What is the first and simplest emotion of you?

As Edmund Burke says,"The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity."

What is curiosity?
Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something.

Be curious.It will help you much more.

To-day, I am going to show a difference between Particular and Special.But,why? The reasons are-
1. Your confusion will be dispelled.

2. You will be able to use them properly in sentences.

3. It will help you in both writing and speaking.

Now, let's move on-
Only one difference will discard the seed of your confusion.

Particular is used to indicate an individual thing which you want.

But, Special is used to indicate the thing which is better or greater than what is usual or to show the thing for its quality.
Examples-1. Give me the particular book.
                   2. On Deeewali,
we eat special sweets.
                   3. Your car has a number of special safety features.
                   4. Is there anything special that I would like to do?
                   5. Special cakes are made during the Bihu.
                   6. I cannot expect  a special treatment from the doctor.
                   7. We made a special effort to perform it.
                   8. We should make a special effort at this moment.
                   9. We have to protest against the particular organisation.
                   10. Do not protest against the particular organisation during these days.

A word may have different meanings.So, you may find many differences between Particular and Special.

To-day, I have shown only one difference which is the best,simplest and easiest way to understand.

Remember, effective activities are very important which is English Language Icon.

  Effective   Activities
1. Make a few sentences with them and use them in conversation.

2. Collect the examples from a dictionary.

3. Listen to conversations.

4. Collect the sentences from the conversation.

5. Make more and more sentences.

6. Show the sentences you make to the teachers of English department.

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