Hello, friends.
What about fluent English? Are you curious about fluent English speaking?Yes, you are.You want to know how to improve English speaking skills.To-day, I am going to give you only one secret of fluency in English where you can find the spoken English sentences every day.

Well, fluency is what?

You can speak smoothly,
You can speak without stopping and
You can speak confidently.
It is your fluency.

Fluency is possible by spoken English conversation examples.In order to be rich in it, you have to know what interaction is.

Let's move on-
What is interaction?
It is an occasion or a situation where two or more people communicate with each other.

If you immerse in communication daily, it will be an effective interaction to have fluency which we cannot deny.

In this regard, we have to know two important things. They are-
1. Why should we communicate?
2. How will we communicate?

Why should we communicate?
Spontaneously your thoughts and ideas are expressed.

How will you communicate (in English)?
When your friend expresses his thoughts and ideas, sometimes he or she will use some English words. Then, you will have the opportunity to use the English words.

On the first day, try to use two words only such as-
1. I know.
2. You're right.
It will be the beginning of spoken English or having fluency.
Try to communicate with a well-wisher. It will be more fruitful.

Effective communication is the key to the success of any interaction.

Very   Important
How will you start to communicate to have fluency?

Face To Face
It is a way or help for you so that you can speak. But, how?

  Through Greetings
First day- Good morning.
Second day, adding one sentence-
How are you?
Third day, adding one more sentence-
What is your job?

1. Take the resolution to increase one or two sentences in every conversation.

2. Talking about hobby to your friend.
First day, ask- what is your hobby?
And listen to the answer.
Then your friend will ask you the same question. He may not ask you about your hobby. Then also, you can say about your hobby. No problem, he or she is your friend or well-wisher.
Now, how will you say about your hobby?
1. My hobby is reading.
2. In my free time, I love to play tennis.
3. I like to swim as well.

3. Talking About The Weather
You can use these sentences-
     1. I hear showers are coming our side.
     2. It's going to rain.
     3. Lovely day.
     4. A gentle wind.
     5. The sky is clear and beautiful.
     6. The wether cools down.
     7. It's boiling, we need to swim.

Help Box
1. As a beginner, start the sentences about wether with - It is.

Let's Feel-
1. Be committed.
2. Be confident.
3. Be a good decision maker.

1. I cannot.
2. I am ashamed.
3. I hesitate.

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