What is a Metaphor - Metaphor meaning and examples

To-day,I am going to give you a new and different taste of English.

Would you like to take it?I hope that you would.

What is that?

It is Metaphor.

Metaphor is what?
It is an expression or a figure of speech that describes a person or an object by referring to something that is considered to have similar characteristics to that person or object.

But,why would you learn Metaphor? Because,
1. You will be able to write or speak humorously.
2. You will be able to enrich literature.

Hence,you can say-
Metaphor-A Beautiful Ornament Of A Language.

Now,I am going to show the examples of Metaphor so that you will be clear more in it.

They are--

Metaphor Meaning And Examples

1. The mind is an ocean.

2. Love is a battlefield.

3. You are a firework.

4. My father is boiling mad.

5. The task is a breeze.

6. It is going to be clear skies.

7. Her voice is music to my ears.

8. Our palms may be the breeding ground of germs.

9. War is the mother of all battles.

10. Her kisses are like roses.

11. Laughter is the best medicine.

12. She looks like a trophy wife.


A metaphor is an imaginative way of describing something by referring to something else which is the same in a particular way.

  Synonyms Of Metaphor
1.analogy 6.comparison
2.emblem 7.likeness
3.image 8.personification
4.symbol 9.resemblance
5.allegory 10.homology

The more you study,the more you learn.
The more you learn,the more you will be rich in
a language.

•Let's know Metaphor in various language 

Metaphor meaning in Hindi
एक वस्‍तु की दूसरी से पूरी समानता दिखाने के लिए किसी शब्‍द का कल्‍पनाशील प्रयोग; रूपक (उदाहरण ‘Her words were a knife in his heart’ में ‘knife’ रूपक है); लक्षणा

Metaphor meaning in Bengali
একটি শব্দের সাথে অন্য একটি বস্তুর সাথে সম্পূর্ণ সাদৃশ্য দেখানোর জন্য ধারণামূলক ব্যবহার; রূপক (তাঁর কথায় 'ছুরি' ছিল তার অন্তরে একটি ছুরি); চরিত্রগত

Metaphor meaning in Telugu
ఒక వస్తువు యొక్క మరొక పోలికను చూపించడానికి ఒక పదం యొక్క gin హాత్మక ఉపయోగం; రూపకం (ఉదాహరణ అతని మాటలలో ‘కత్తి’ అతని గుండెలో కత్తి); స్వాభావిక లక్షణము

Metaphor meaning in Tamil
ஒரு பொருளின் முழுமையான ஒற்றுமையைக் காட்ட ஒரு வார்த்தையின் கற்பனையான பயன்பாடு; உருவகம் (உதாரணம் 'கத்தி' அவரது வார்த்தைகளில் அவரது இதயத்தில் ஒரு கத்தி); பண்புகள்

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