The fastest method of communication is what? The fastest method of communication is speech,isn't it?The fastest method of communication is speech which is more important than writing as it comes first in the history of any language and it consists in spoken English sentences every day or spoken English conversation examples with fluent English speaking.

We started speaking long before we started writing.

We do know that there is a steadfast relation between pronunciation and communication.

Pronunciation and communication are like the conjoint parts of a coin.

So,you have to learn English pronunciation,otherwise 
1. the expression of your thoughts and ideas will mislead others.
2. the native speakers' English will mislead you.

1. Better pronunciation will make you a better speaker.
2. You will have job opportunities.
3. Your communication will get effective.

Now,let's come to the point.

How to learn English pronunciation?

Is it difficult?
Everything is possible for man.

What would you like to do to make it possible?

It is very easy.

Let's move on-
Only 3  tips will lead you a certain way and they will give you effective spoken English sentences every day or spoken English conversation examples with fluent English.

The only 3 tips are-
1. Study the rules of pronunciation and practise.

2. Discuss with the experts.

3. Listen to conversation per day.

Now,in details-
Study The Rules Of Pronunciation And Practise

First,you have to know two things.They are-
1. how to shape your lips.
2. how to move the tongue.
Secondly,you have to know stress and intonation.
Stress means, the degree of emphasis given a sound or syllable in speech.
Intonation means, melodic pattern of an utterance or the variation in the pitch level of the voice.
Then, practise hard.

Discuss With The Experts
Having studied the rules,you should discuss with the experts.
1. If you do not discuss,you will not be able to understand all the things through study.
2. If you discuss,you will be encouraged more.
3. The expert will be a support for you.
4. The expert will make you rich in pronunciation.
5. The expert will give you useful suggestions which will be very fruitful for you.
6. The expert will make your pronunciation better and better.

Listen To Conversation Per Day
1. The mentality of learning pronunciation will pop into your mind.
2. It will make you involve in learning.
3. You will get to know the new words with proper pronunciation.
4. You will get to know the proper use of intonation and stress.

After doing these things, use the proper pronunciation in spoken English sentences every day. And also, form the habit of reading a paragraph from a book using proper pronunciation per day.

Important To Know-
If you do not know the rules of pronunciation,the native speakers' English  will mislead you.

But, as a well-wisher of you, I cannot but help you.

Help   Box
It is starkly real that you like the easiest way of being better in pronunciation. How? As a beginner, it will be better for you-
1. Learn Homophone.
(In this website,you can read the article- Homophone- Homophones Examples And Definition)
2. Learn Minimal Pair.
3. Learn Silent Letters.
4. Learn Rhyming Words.
5. Learn the way of making the sounds of 's', 'sh' and 'ch'.
6. Do not make the sound of 'h' in the words- white, what, where, when, which, why...

Better  Ways
On T.V. watch-
1. BBC news.
2. CNN news.
3. Animal Planet.
4. Discovery.
5.Net Geography.

Be positive.
You will be able.
Never retreat.

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