Difference between In the way and On the way
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In the way or on the way?
Let's remove this question mark

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To-day's topic is- In the way or On the way?
Why will you learn this?
1. You will be able to make the sentences easily.
2. It will help you in both Spoken and Written.

Let's move on-
Ony one difference will clear your concept.

It is-
In the way is used to mean, someone or something is in the space for whom or which you find difficult or impossible to do the particular action or movement.

1. I cannot move the table there, because the bench is in the way.
2. I could not go to the room, because the children are in the way.

But, On the way is used to mean, during the journey or when we talk about the direction or path to somewhere.

1. When I was going to Delhi, I was talking to my friend on the way.
2. We had breakfast on the way when we went to Mumbai.

One  Thing  More
On the way is used to mean , close to doing or happening or completing something.

Example- India is on the way to becoming one of the world's most powerful countries.

1. Pick out the sentences made by In the way and On the way from the conversations you listen to.
2. If you do so, you will learn intonation of them.
3. Make sentences more and more with them.

In the way or On the way?
You have found the easiest way to understand which I hope.

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