How to talk about weather
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In different seasons,you have heard different questions.They are-

1. What's it like outside?
2. What's the temperature?
3. How's the weather?
4. What's the weather forecast?
5. Shouldn't you take your umbrella?
6. Is it raining?
7. Is it sunny?
8. Should you take your sunglass?
9. Is it hot?
10. Is it cold?


1. Ask these questions to your friends depending on the condition of weather.

2. After a few days,your friends will also ask you these questions.Then,try to answer and you will be fluent in English.

How will you answer?
You should know,

How To Talk About Weather
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Let's discuss-
Predicting the weather-
1. I think,it'll clear up later.
2. I hear showers are coming our way.
3. It's going to rain.

A simple way for beginners-
1. Lovely day.
2. It doesn't look like it's going to stop raining to-day.
3. It's a bit nippy this morning.

A surprising way-
1. Afraid of thunderstorms.
2. Like to dance in the morning.

While blowing breeze-
1. A gentle wind.
2. A fresh breeze.

While drizzling-
1. It's a light drizzle,you don't need an umbrella.

Fresh air-
1. It's a perfect day for a walk outside.

1. After a downpour,the park is full of kids jumping in the puddles.

Very hot-
1. It's boiling ! We need to swim.
2. It's too hot to-day, let's find a shade of tree. I'm burning up.

No cloud in the sky-
1. There is not a cloud in the sky; it definitely won't rain to-day.

  Bitter cold-
1. It's going to be bitter cold,it's better to say indoors.

A simple way to describe the weather-
1. It's very hot.
2. It's snowy.
3. It's cold.
4. It's raining.
5. It's sunny.
6. It'll be scorching this afternoon.
7. It snows a lot in my home town.

In Autumn-
1. Autumn is beautiful in my country.
2. The sky is clear and beautiful.
3. The leaves change colours.
4. The weather cools down.
5. The leaves look amazing.

Expression in Spring-
1. I love the Spring season, because the flowers bloom in this season.
2. People become more active in the Spring season.
3. Spring is the most beautiful season.

Now,I hope deeply that you have found the way
How To Talk About Weather
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1. As a beginner, start the sentences with-' It's'.
Example-It's very hot.    

2. You can watch Animal Planet on T.V.

3. As a beginner, it is better to speak slowly.

     Let's Feel

1. Be committed.
2. Be confident.
3. Be a good decision maker.

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