Hello, friends.
If you add a bitter gourd to a cake, what will happen?

Difference between even though and even if
It will be uneatable.

Similarly, if you add improper words to your speaking, what will happen? It will be irritated.

So, to-day I am going to show a very important topic. It is-

Even Though vs Even If
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In this topic,you would learn the difference between Even Though and Even If.Because, 

1. You will be able to speak more meaningfully.
2. You will be able to write more meaningfully.

Let's move on-
Only one difference will give you a clear concept.

It is-
Even Though is used when something always happens or is always done.Example-
1. Even though he studies hard, he cannot secure 90 percent.

It means,he always studies hard,but unfortunately he fails to secure 90 percent.

But,Even If is used when something rarely happens.Example-
1. Even if I meet him,I never ask him such a question.

It means,I do not always meet him; I rarely meet him, but I never ask him such a question.

Now, I want to show an another simple difference-
Even Though means-
1. Despite the fact that.
2. In spite of.
3. Although or though.
1. Even though he is angry with me, he says nothing.

2. Even though Raj studies English, he cannot write a sentence correctly.

Even If means-
1. Whether or not.
2. Unreal.
3. Imaginary situation.
1. Even if I become the richest man in the , I will always lead a simple life.

2. Even if he studies 13 hours per day, he cannot carry 60 percent.

The more you practice, the more you become clear.


1. Make 20 sentences with Even Though and Even If.

2. Use them in conversation.

Is even though correct grammar?

Yes,It is. You have to know the proper meaning and use of it. 

Why do we use even though?

In order to express the action with proper time, "Even though" is used; which means to do something every-day. It also means although.

For exampleEven though he studies hard, he cannot secure 90 percent.

I hope deeply that you have learnt clearly through-

Even Though vs Even If
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