Difference between Put and Keep
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Words help us to express our ideas and thoughts.We can say,they  help us to communicate.

But, the communication and express of ideas and thoughts will be fruitful if we can use our words properly.

Words can lead one a bright way of progress  as well.

Then, why will you not take the help of the difference between Put and Keep.

The difference between Put and Keep!
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A simple grammatical point is-
Put is used as Verb.
Similarly, Keep is also used as a Verb.
But, their meanings are!They are easy.

Now,let's discuss-
There is an amazing new way to learn.

Put is used to indicate to place an object temporarily. It means,you place an object at a temporary place.

1. Put the book on the table.
2. Put the mobile on the table now.
3. Put the pen  on the table.
4. My bag has been torn.Put it outside my room.
5. I have put your shirt on the bed.

But, Keep is used to indicate to place an object permanently.It means, you place an object at a permanent place.
It also means to store something.
And, it also means to place an object safely.

1. Keep a record of your students.
2. You should keep two pens in your pocket when you go to exam.
3. Keep the vegetables in the fridge.
4. He keeps his shoes in the box.
5. Keep the book in the bag.

Very Important
Put is used to indicate a certain position or an awkward position

1. He put me at risk yesterday.
2. He puts the bag on the bed.

But,Keep is used to retain the position.

1. We keep our shoes in shoe boxes.
2. Keep the dresses in the almirah.
3. He kept his books in the box.
4. He keeps his pens in the small box.
5. I know my books in the big box.

Friends, it is a try for you so that you can find the easiest way to understand the difference between Put and Keep.

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