Difference between lose and loose

How successful are you in using these words effectively?

Do you know the Difference Between Loose and Lose?

To-day,I am going to remove this question mark from your mind forever.

As Stevie Wonder says,"We all have ability. The difference is how we use it."

Now,I  am going to show the proper use of Loose and Lose.

In order to know the proper use of Loose and Lose,you have to know the Difference Between Loose and Lose.

Let's move on

You will be happy to know that only two differences will give you a clear concept.They are-

1. Grammatical difference.

2. The difference of pronunciation.

So now, Loose or Lose?

Grammatical Difference


What is the Difference Between Loose and Lose ?

Loose- it is an Adjective; it means not tight or fitting closely to the body.


1. My shirt is loose.
2. This is a loose garment.

Lose- it is a Verb; it means to be unable to find or to no longer have.


1. I have lost my pen.
2. He has lost his friend.

The Difference Of Pronunciation
Loose- the final Consonant Sound  of this word is 's' which is as same as the initial Consonant Sound of the word- 'set'.

Lose- the final Consonant Sound of this word is 'z' which is as same as the initial sound of the word- 'zoo'.

Very Important

The Vowel Sounds of  both words are same.It is a long sound.While producing this sound,lips should be rounded.

Now,listen to-

I hope that you have removed the question mark.

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