Degree of comparison with meaning and examples

On this fine day, I am going to offer you an interesting topic.It is- Degree of Comparison.But, I am going to show you the easiest way of degree of comparison with examples so that you can find a clear concept of the rules for degree of comparison with degree of comparison worksheet.

In order to be clear you have to go through the exercise for degree of comparison.

What is Degree of Comparison?

You can say

1. When we compare one person or one thing with another, it is called Degree of Comparison.

2. The Degree of Comparison tells us whether an Adjective or an Adverb shows a comparison.

There are three degrees of comparison in English.They are-

1. Positive Degree.
2. Comparative Degree.
3. Superlative Degree.

Now, in details with Degree of Comparison examples-

Positive Degree
There is no comparison in this degree.We speak about only one thing or one person.
1. He is a tall boy.
2. She is an intelligent girl.
3. John was a strong boy.

Comparative Degree
In this degree, two persons or two things are compared with  each other.
1. He is taller than Jack.

3. I am shorter than Lochan.

Superlative Degree
In this degree, more than two persons or two things are compared to show which has the least or greatest degree of quality.
1. He is the tallest boy in the class.

2. She is the most intelligent girl in the village.

3. Raj is the strongest boy in the class.

Very Important
1. In Comparative Degree,  'Than' is written after the Adjective.
Example-I am taller than he.

2. In Superlative Degree, 'The' is written before the Adjective.
Example- He is the best boy in the class.

Now, I am going to help you in the degree of comparison worksheet.
Be positive.
Everything is possible for man.

Help Box
Here are the important rules for degree of comparison.
1. If the Adjective has one syllable, 'er' is added to the Adjective in Comparative Degree and 'est' is added to the Adjective in Superlative Degree.
big- bigger(Comparative Degree)
big- biggest( Superlative Degree)
big-bigger-biggest(Positive-Comparative- Superlative)

2. If the Adjective has more than one syllable, 'more' is written before the Adjective in Comparative Degree and 'most' is written  before the Adjective in Superlative Degree.
more intelligent(Comparative Degree)

most intelligent(Superlative Degree)

Exceptional Thing-

But, Degree of Comparison list is very important where there are the degree of comparison examples.They are-

1. John is a meritorious boy.
2. She is a fat girl.
3. I am strong.
4. He is a short boy.
5. He is stronger than I.
6. Sita is more intelligent than Tipin.
7. He is more handsome than he.
8. We are better than Ram.
9. He is the best boy in the village.
10. He is the strongest player in the team.
11. I am the tallest boy in the class.
13. Deepak is the most meritorious student in the college.
14. The boy is the best of all.
15. I am the shortest boy of all.

It is the exercise for degree of comparison.
1. Make 10 sentences of all the three degrees.
2. Pay attention to the way of changing the Adjectives as well as the Adverbs.

If you do it, you will be able to know the degree very clearly.

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