Antonyms in English - Antonyms meaning in English

To-day,I am going to give you an another taste of Vocabulary.

Would you like to take it?Surely,you would.

It is about-
How Vocabulary Improves English

In this, Antonyms can play an important role.

Let's come to the point-
Antonyms Meaning In English.

Let's Learn What are Antonyms ? OR What Antonyms are.

Antonyms are the words that are opposite in meaning to another.

It is,
Antonyms Meaning In English
Or,you can say,
Antonyms Proud

Why would you learn? Because,

1. You will be rich in Vocabulary.

2. You will be rich in literature too.

So,I have taken this very important topic to you.
Let's feel-

Antonyms Proud

Now, Antonyms words & examples-

alive- dead
animal- human
ancient- modern
all- none
already- not yet
amuse- bore
answer- question
apart- together
arrest- free
arrive- depart
asleep- awake
attack- defence
bottom- top
brave- cowardly
bald- hairy
beautiful- ugly
combine- seperate
comedy- tragedy
careful- careless
dry- wet
defeat- victory
empty- full
end- begin
enemy- friend
entrance- exit
equal- different
failure- success
false- true
few- many
find- lose
floor- ceiling
form- destroy
heaven- hell
healthy- ill
host- guest
idle- busy
imaginary- real
import- export
include- exclude
joy- grief
knowledge- ignorance
known- unknown
large- small
nice- awful
pleasant- awful
reward- punishment
stationary- movable
swift- slow
smooth- rough
stupid- clever
trust- suspect
total- partial
urban- rural
wide- narrow
work- rest
young- old

It is nothing but
Antonyms Proud

I hope that this-
Antonyms In English
has given a clear concept to you.

The more you read,the more you learn.

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