Friends,have you ever asked a question to yourself ? May be, some of you have asked.It doesn't matter if many of you haven't asked. What matters is that it will act as the seed of inspiration to do anything in your life. But the question is - 

-Who am I ?

-Your answer will be I am Jadu/Madhu/Ram..... Viz after I am, you would utter your name. Now take a leap into an another answer which will etch a smile on your lips. It is - 
"I'm a piece of gold." A piece of Gold ! Yeah, As for now you should accept this answer. Gold gets brighter and brighter whenever it is burned or polished. So, as of now, brighten yourselves. Have you ever felt how much power you have to be gifted by God ? You have immense power in you which you do not know. Then why will you not be able to speak English ? Everything is possible for you. Only proceed. 

    The strongest inspiration to you that is infinite or ultimate is - it is an imagination in which a picture consists. It is - the winter season. You have found grass nearby which is wet with deuudrops. You have set fire to the wet grass with straw or hey what will happen. After sometime you will find that the grass will be burnt though it is wet. Now let's analyse something. -- 

  What do you mean by the wet grass ? It symbolises your negative senses such as - I can't, It's difficult, Mistakes will be arisen and showon. Now can you say a name of a person who has never mistaken. If man had never mistaken the word "Mistake" wouldn't have been created. TO ERR IS HUMAN.

2. What do you mean by the "Fire" ? It is nothing but the Fire of strong resolution to speak english will burn all of your negative senses. The fact is how will your resolution act ? It will help you to take a strong leap to do anything. Thereupon you will be able to destroy the difficulties by overcoming. Simultaniusly you will forget "I can't" or "What is hesitation" ?

If you feel the picture,as well as this analysis deeply, as for now take a strong resolution. But, feel it once again that your resolution should bear a heavy load of - 

1. Positiveness 2.Optimism 3.Success.

See, both of positiveness and optimism will make you feel - "I will be able" and "I will achieve" and then It will happen, spontaneously you will take a blistering pace. The resolution of being successful will help you to make you pace stronger and stronger. 

     Now think yourselves. Will any question of "No" arise ? No, never. You shall be able to speak English.In the long run, feel that you have an immense power to do anything. 

   Take Your Resolution
   Be Positive.Go Ahead

           Thank You