Hello,friends.Do you want to be fluent in English?Do you want to Speak Fluent English ? Surely ,you do.
To-day,I am going to offer you an ultimate solution to be fluent in English by which your labour will be paid off. Today let's know some tips of Fluent English Speaking.

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Some people say,fluency is to speak a language well.Some others say,it is-having a good level of speaking. 
First,you have to know what fluency is.It is-

1.To speak smoothly.

2.To speak without stopping.

3.To speak without hesitation.

4.To speak without shyness.

5.To speak confidently.

Further you have to know two more things.They are-
1,Physical Effort-The organs of your mouth need to sound out effortlessly or in a smooth way.
2.Mental Effort-You should prepare yourself mentally taking a strong resolution to speak.Apart
 from this,your brain needs to find the right words and sentences.

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Now,the Ultimate Solution to be fluent/fluent more is 
First you should feel deeply that fluency consists in practical skills/practice.Then ,
what to do?You must immerse (involve completely)in practical skills.Now,smile and proceed.You have to do-
1.Talk to people regularly.
2.Talk to your bestie for 2/3 hours daily.

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While speaking English,suddenly you may stop.Then,do not worry.Coax yourself and should think ,sometimes you stop while you speak your mother tongue.But you never stop speaking,you start again to speak in your mother tongue.So, it is very simple or natural that you may stop while speaking English.Then,immediatly make your will-power strong to start again in English.In the beginning,you should not think that you need to know more and more words.Try to communicate with people as possible and gradually get to know more and more.                                                  

•Fluent English Meaning in Hindi
•Fluent English meaning
 in hindi is "धाराप्रवाह अंग्रेजी"

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      After all,be practical.
            Thank you.

                Written By
        Subudh Kumar Das, 
English Pronunciation Expert,