Would you like to say,'I try to build myself on the spirit of confidence'?If you can do it and remain so,you will be able to hammer out a solution whenever you face a problem.Then,surely you will be able to hone your English Pronunciation with our online course of pronunciation in english.

Now,let's come to the point.It is -'One of Seven'.Could you pick out one of seven words?Surely you will be able.

The word is from the 'Seven Days'.It is 'Wednesday'.How to pronounce this word?

For the sake of pronouncing,let's divide the  word-'Wednesday'' into two parts.They are-'wednes' and 'day'.

Now,take 'wednes'.How will you sound out it?It is 100 percent sure that you can make the sound of 'wenz'.

The sound of 'wenz' is made for 'wednes'.May be,you have found it peculiar.But,this is the way of making the sound of 'wednes' which you make in 'wenz'.Now,be happy for you have hammered out the solution.

The sound of 'e' in this part is used for the Vowel  sound of the word-'bed'.Do not make the Vowel Sound long as it is a Short Vowel Sound.

Now your problem is over in 'wednes'.Next,it is 'day'.How to make the sound of it?You can undoubtedly sound out of 'd'.The vital point is of 'ay' in 'day'.

Let's try.Can you sound out the word-'pain'?Surely,you can.How do you make the Vowel Sound of 'ai' in this word?You can make it very easily.Then,is there any problem for you to sound out of 'day'.Do not worry.The sound of 'ay' in 'day' is as same as the Vowel Sound of the word 'pain'.

Now,you can also say,the Vowel Sound of 'say','ray','bay','hay','pay','paid','rain','chain'........is as same as the one of 'day'.Now,isn't it more convenient for you to sound out 'day'?Surely,it is.Then,why will you not practise with a smile?

Practise and Practise---

An important thing is,please do not make the sound of 'd' in the word 'Wednesday'.So,you can say, 'd' is a silent letter in this word.

This is the ultimate solution that you have hammered out.Because,you are on the base/spirit of confidence while you are going to build yourself.

Respected guys,please practise once again in order to be clear more and more.


Now,say three sentences---
1.I go there on Wednesday.
2.We met him on Wednesday.
3.They came here on Wednesday.

That's all.Thank you.


                  Written By

           Subudh Kumar Das,
 English Pronunciation Expert,