slang words 2019

Hello friends.
One day,my cousin talked to a native speaker.It is regretted that he had to stop talking.

Can you understand the English of the native speakers?
Sometimes or often you find difficult to understand.Why?
The reasons are--

1. Pronunciation is the most difficult thing in the English language.

2. Within the same England,the people of one area cannot understand clearly the English the people of an another area.

3. You don't study the rules of pronunciation.

4. You are not able to discover the secret of pronunciation.

Let's move on

To-day's topic is-"BRITISH ENGLISH SLANG".

What is SLANG?

•SLANG is a type of language consisting of words and phrases that is used in informal English.

(Informal English means , it is the type of language that is used in SPOKEN ENGLISH.)


1. gimme--give me.
*Gimme a pen.(Give me a pen.)

2. lemme--Lemme do.(Let me do.)

3. wassup--What is up?

4. watsis---What is his.
*watsis name?(What is his name?)

5.coulda--could have
*I coulda done it.(I could have done it.)

6.  woulda--would have
*He woulda done it.(He would have done it?)

7.  mighta--might have
*We mighta done it.(We might have done it.)

8.  shoulda--should have
*They shoulda done it.(They should have done it.)

9.  musta--must have
*We musta done it.(We must have done it.)

10.  wanna--want to
*Ram wanna go.(Ram want to go.)

11.  gonna--going to
*What are you gonna do?(What are you going to do?)

12.  gotta--have got to/have got a
*I gotta pen.(I have got a pen.)

*You gotta be conscious.(You have got to be conscious.)

13.  hafta--have to
*We hafta do the work.(We have to do the work.)

14.  oughta--ought to
*We oughta love our country.(We ought to love our country.)

15. outa--out of
*It's outa rule.(It is out of rule)

Friends,it is the begging of understanding the English of the native speakers.
YOU MUST BE AN ACTIVE LISTENER to understand these clearly.
You must know these SLANG.

As of now,listen to the English of the native speakers.Only then,your study as well as listening will be fruitful.

I'm sipping a cuppa tea.↪*I am sipping a cup of tea.
This the simple way to improve your pronunciation and to understand the native speakers' English.

I am coming to you very soon.
Thank you.