About COVID-19:--Of late,one of the greatest challenges of public health,COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus.It is a disease which is a mild to severe respiratory illness.It causes fever,tiredness and a cough and also breathing problems.
COVID-19 ,'CO' stands for Corona 'VI' stands for Virus and 'D' stands for Disease.Foremerly,it was referred to as '2019 novel coronavirus' or '2019--nCOV'.
The outbreak of coronavirus has created a deplorable plight across the world.It is a furore as well as cry and wail.Our sisters , brothers,parents and all relatives have left us leaving a void in our hearts.As a matter of fact,it has lacerated the hearts.

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Source/History:--Coronavirus has been taking it's blistering pace while it is impossible to resist.It is well-fixed in the public mind and also seems, in late 2019 someone at the present Huanan seafood market in Wuhan was infected with a virus from an animal.As an awful history still goes,it is to a pandemic from the capital of China's Hubei province that has killed about 211,000 people so far.A strong sprout of annihilation!But,there is no certainty about the origin of it.It is praise-worthy that scientists are trying hard to unravel which species passed to human.A hypothetical story is going on,the virus emerged at the Wuhan live animal market.However it is,it is an unprecedented annihilation caused by coronavirus.

A Cold War Between Human Civilization And Coronavirus:--It is a threat or fear of this unknown enemy,coronavirus which is a testimony of hazard to human civilization.Amid this pandemic,it is an experience that is playing  both positive and negative role.
Talking about the positive aspect,we are in a situation where we will be responsible to determine the future of our existence.As it is a struggle of survival,some people have generated the mentality to sow the seeds of vegetables in their land which seems a symbol of labour.Their hearts are surged with the dignity of labour.Some of us who are lazy or devoid of being independent are doing physical labour.Some are going to fish and some others are doing different works.After all,they have increased their chores.It is really a memory forever.Some are taking excercise as well as have formed a habit of going on a proper diet.
But,it is felt as well as hypothetical,if the scientists whom we have lost had been alive,would they have invented the vaccines of COVID-19 soon? It is absolutely regretted that our scientists are not able to hammer out a solution till now.It is true that they are trying hard resembling days and nights.
It is a cry and wail of people which has lacerated the hearts.The entire mankind needs to be united in order to confront this unknown enemy.Mankind's mental harrassment gets deadlier.This unknown enemy is throwing a void into the hearts of all at the high speed.
According to the report on 12 th May,2020 Covid-19 has taken away 283,478 lives.It is an indomitable cold war between mankind and coronavirus. The realisation is that,life is not predictable,suddenly the call of time may take away our lives.In the absence of a vaccine or drug,to combat the lethal disease,the government around the world have imposed lockdown.Of late,lockdown has been eased.In fact,there is absolutely no certainty how the virus in the world behaves in the future.
The economists have said that there may be severe recession and a lot of us may lose employment or earn less.

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The Economic Effects :- It is a shock through the world economy.It is menacing the world economy. The two-month-long nationwide lockdown has taken a heavy toll on the economy in China.It shrank 6.8 percent in the first three months of 2020 which is the first time contraction since the death of Chairman,Mao in 1976.
The International Monetary Fund said,it is expected Britain's economy to shrink by 6.5 percent in 2020 which is similar to contractions in other economies,before growing by 4.0 percent in 2021.
In India,the economic impact has been largely disruptive. The world bank and credit rating agents have downgraded the growth for fiscal year 2021 with lowest figuring. The Prime Minister emphasizes that India will have to devise and implement a 'balanced strategy' to deal with pandemic and step up the economic activities in a gradual manner.
The whole world faced slow growth in January,2020.At a nutshell,the outlook of the global economy has darkened.

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Prevention And Man's Mentality:--Will the silent killer,coronavirus not spare mankind? People cannot deny  the toughest time of struggling to protect humanity from the onslaught of a new age pandemic. The death toll is increasing with every passing moments. The planet is getting ailing! For prevention,STAY HOME,KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE,WASH HANDS and FACE FREQUENTLY or WEAR A MASK have put an indelible imprint on mind.
The adversity is,a conscious section of people , witnessing  crowds gathering at some places,inform the police.A section of people cannot be popped into the sentiment of being safe.This absolute and chaotic disaster cannot keep them away. The outcry to be caused by Covid-19 cannot make them feel it's threat.It seems that they have evolved to react poorly to that kind of uncertainty of lives.
Man is social,so the prolonged isolation seems impossible for some people. The coronavirus pandemic is an extreme,largely unprecedented,the kind of seclusion that has been eating at people.It is an imagination of an uncommon experience.
The World Health Organisation has said that cycling and walking are the two healthiest ways to travel in cities.A cycle does not take up much space and money.It doesn't pollute,it helps us to keep distance from others.It doesn't kill anyone on street,it helps to keep the environment clean and it also keeps us healthy.In many cities around the world,like Berlin,Paris,Mexico,the city administrations are taking measures like setting up emergency and temporary bicycle lanes at the busiest street to encourage people to cycle.
The death toll has proven that coronavirus will not go away soon.People will have  to maintain social distancing for a long time to come.
The experts opine,people will need to change actions and habits.One important aspect will be how we will travel,especially to work,school or college in cities.
In India,22nd March was the 'Janata Curfew' which was a result of a significant dip in air pollution. The nationwide lockdown has made the water bodies clean; the Yamuna and Ganga have improved significantly since the enforcement of the lockdown.
The ramping down of human activity appears to have a positive impact on the environment. The pandemic has caused a global reduction in economic activity.Industrial and transport emissions and effluents have reduced.And also,the measurable data supports the cleaning of pollution in the atmosphere,soil and water.It is also an effect to carbon emissions in the atmosphere.
The severe decline in planned travel has caused many regions to experience a drop in pollution.In China,lockdown and other measures resulted in a 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions and 50 percent reduction in nitrogen oxides emissions.In the first month of lockdown,China produced approximately 200 million fewer metric tons of carbon dioxide than the same period in air traffic ,oil refining and coal consumption.

Global Emergency:--It is an effort to slow the coronavirus pandemic.In March,from Germany banning gathering,New Zealand announcing a four-week  lockdown and Hong Kong shutting it borders to all non-residents bore a testimony which is a deepening sense of panic around the world.
In the same month,in the USA,president Donald Trump ordered thousands of emergency hospital beds to be set up at coronavirus Hotspots.
The Eoropean nation continued to choke people's movement,with Greece on 23rd March morning to follow Italy,Spain and France in imposing a nationwide lockdown.What a threat of Covid-19 ! It is out of imagination.

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Social Responsibility:--The hazard is not yet over,only it is creating a deplorable plight through destruction.Intensive medical research is going on universities like Oxford for anti-corona medicines and vaccines.It is difficult to predict how long we have to wait for the outcome of the research findings. The need of all is to extend their helping hand to the respective society.
Nation should work together to fight.

Impact Of Stranded People:--Dreaming a bright career,many students are out of their native lands for higher study.Many people went to different parts for different purposes.
Whatever the issue is,the governments,taking a great responsibility,are taking them their own land. The hazard is,these people who are heading to their native lands have caused Covid-19 more which seems a rapid spread of this disease. The mentality of rescuing is great,but simultaniusly it's effect sounds more dangerous.

Conclusion:--Whatever the professional life of the people is,as responsible citizens it seems that they are aware of Covid-19,then they should have the duty to pass correct information to the cross-section of people in the society. The government of a nation cannot fight against Covid-19 alone.Now,most of the people are aware and careful.
Our planet is getting ailing day by day.Now,we expect more and more from the scientists.


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